beatport streaming upload free

Beatport, an online music store specialising in Electronic music, has made a bold move by introducing a User Generated Content streaming platform reminiscent of SoundCloud.

The service was announced by Beatport in the past 24 hours and much like SoundCloud will allow anyone to create an account and upload their original tracks for streaming on the service.

Artists will receive revenue from the streams on all of their tracks and can monitor their popularity through a play-count and “heart-count” which measures how many people have liked a track.

One of the unique features on Beatport’s streaming service has been the track information section where it shows you the BPM (Beats Per Minute) and the Key of the track you’re listening to though it is yet to be seen whether that will be implemented for user-generated content.

It is very early days for the new service, being made available to everyone, so only time will tell whether this could be the new home for independent EDM or whether it will go unnoticed.

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