DJ store and streaming service Beatport have just bought a rival music streaming service to tap the resources for their own.

The purchase of Pulselocker, Inc. by electronic music marketplace giants Beatport has been confirmed. Pulselocker is a creator focused streaming service which integrates into software like DJ production programs allowing users to access a virtual ‘locker’ of music instantly within their software, a big pull for Beatport’s creator community.

The acquisition will allow Beatport to integrate the two services with each other with their own catalogue of music and Pulselocker’s tools. It will also allow Beatport to expand beyond their store into the world of music streaming. They did not disclose the terms of the deal.

Beatport have been able to monopolise on digital downloads, whilst their popularity continues to drop on other markets Beatport’s downloads have actually been increasing. Beatport say that their artist-centric, genre focused market of higher quality music than most other stores is what keeps their customers interested.

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels told Billboard: “Pulselocker spent years developing an innovative solution that provides DJs with the flexibility to access the content they want when they want it – all through the DJ software they want to use – while providing copyright holders with the security and tracking mechanisms to calculate royalty payments. Beatport is committed to delivering the best tools to create a more seamless and inter-operable user experience for our massive ecosystem of DJs, and Pulselocker accelerates our timeline to deliver just that type of product.”

McDaniels says that it will take roughly six to nine months to integrate Pulselocker into Beatport’s systems. In late 2017 Pulselocker had to end their services due to the trouble integrating their large library into DJ software programs. McDaniels says that they had trouble making their operations work because “they were so far ahead of their time”.