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Latin music is the fastest growing in the world

Latin American music is getting more popular with the fastest revenue growth in the world.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for August 2021 are now available

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    Only 1 Chord is needed to have a hit song:
    SHOTGUN – Junior Walker And The All Stars.

    Following their example, I recorded some also: FISHIN’ WIRE EDDY, SPREAD THE WEALTH, WHAT’S COOKIN’,

    These original songs use 1 CHORD. They are available from iTunes and can be heard on TouchTunes, Rock-Ola, and AMI-Rowe digital jukeboxes all across the U.S. and Canada.

    WIld Bill Cooksey, of Las Vegas, also recorded a song with 1 CHORD. He did a version of my SPREAD THE WEALTH. It’s also on iTunes and the jukeboxes.

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