Avid Release A Free But Limited Version Of Pro Tools

Looking to get into recording music? Pro Tools is a great professional bit of software, but until now would cost you $900. Not ideal for those getting started.
‘Pro Tools | First’ is Avid’s way of getting their application into the hands of all. You will soon be able to get a stripped down copy of Pro Tools for free. There’s a comprehensive list of limitation with the software here. Avid will release something of an App Store, where users can buy bundles and plug-ins, much like the many ‘freemium’ apps seen on mobiles recently.
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That’s not all that’s new in the world of Avid, with the announcement of their new full version Pro Tools 12. Following the likes of the Adobe Suite, Avid are planning on bringing their software to the Cloud, to offer more competitive pricing, by monthly payments of $29.99 and to enhance the idea of collaborating on tracks worldwide. And guess what it’s called? Avid Cloud Collaboration (Avid CC?).
The comments on this video are worth a read. People don’t tend to like change, or subscription packages.

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