5 best headphones for professional music production at home

If you’ve been dabbling with music production and using consumer-grade headphones, you’re missing a trick. Headphones for music production are a staple of necessary music gear – especially for home studios. But what headphones do music producers use?

SoundCloud acquires Musiio in a bid to improve music discovery

Musiio will aid SoundCloud in identifying both “talent and trends” to provide the best music discovery experience to SoundCloud users.

How to choose studio headphones for recording, mixing and mastering

Headphones for music production differ from commercial headphones such as Beats by Dre. For example, Beats headphones boost the bass and low-end frequencies in your music. In contrast, studio headphones should have a frequency response that is as flat as possible. Therefore studio headphones present sound as plainly as possible.

Steinberg Nuendo 12: new features for musicians and sound designers

Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW is the younger software sibling of Cubase, and Nuendo 12 has a very clear focus on speed production for different media applications.

Behringer RS-9: the Eurorack drum sequencer module nears completion

The Behringer RS-9 Eurorack module finds its roots in the Behringer RD-9 sequencing engine. Now, Behringer presents a look at the Eurorack drum sequencer module and gives us an update.

Ableton’s Learning Synths: export, record, and explore

Recently, Ableton launched Learning Synths – a free site that they have deisgned to teach the basics of synthesis. And now it’s had an upgrade.

Avid Pro Tools is now a subscription-based DAW only

Avid Technology are offering three plans for Pro Tools which range from $10 to $99 per year.

MP3, WAV, and other popular audio file types explained

There are a variety of different audio file types. The most popular are WAV and MP3 file types, and these are actually two very different types of auidio file. Though both do have their pros, audio fidelity is where WAV file files reign supreme.

Roland JUNO-X: 3 powerful synth engines in one

Roland has introduced the JUNO-X, a polyphonic synthesizer that “reimagines the vintage JUNO experience” with an expanded pallette sound possibilities.

Technivation T-Compressor: multiple compressors in one with four compressor modes

Techivation launches T-Compressor, an easy-to-use serial compression plugin with multiple compressor modes for your music productions.