Image Credit: Arturia

The MiniFreak builds on the foundations of the MikroFreak with added features and a better user experience.

The Arturia MiniFreak is a polyphonic hybrid synth that features two sound engines, six voices, onboard stereo effects, modulation, sequencing, and a 37-note mini keyboard.

You can use the MiniFreak as a 6-voice polyphonic synth, a 12-voice paraphonic synth, or a monophonic one.

The controls on the synth make it capable of ambient pad sounds, thick basses, and heavy-hitting leads. You’ll find a number of presets and a free virtual emulation of the synth too…

The controls

Both of the sound engines in the Arturia MinFreak feature 20 modes that represent different kinds of analog and digital synthesis. You can use the engines individually, stack them, or process the output of oscillator 1 with oscillator 2.

Here, modes include FM synthesis, Multi Filter, Comb Filter, and more.

Then you can send your signal through the units’ analog filters. And you can use the modulation matrix that offers polyphonic ADSR envelopes, customizable LFOs, FM & ring modulation, and more.

And the MikroFreak also offers 10 onboard digital effects such as distortion, compression & chorus within 3 effects slots.

Playability and connectivity

One thing many didn’t like about the MikroFreak was its keyboard. But the MiniFreak utilizes 37 mini keys that look to level up the user experience. The synth also offers both a sequencer and an arpeggiator with randomization features too.

Image Credit: Arturia

On the back of the unit are stereo outputs, MIDI In, Out & Thru ports, USB, Clock In & Out ports, a sustain port, power, and a headphone port.

MiniFreak V plugin instrument

Finally, the MiniFreak V plugin instrument utilizes virtual emulations of the same sound engines, modeled analog filters, controls, and presets.

As a result, any press you make on the hardware or software can be imported and exported between them.

Price and availability

The Arturia MiniFreak is available to buy now for $599.

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