Amazon’s Alexa is exploring her local neighbourhood and offering the trends she discovers back to you.

Amazon have added a feature to Alexa that allows her to play music popular in your city/area. A new feature called Local Popularity lets Alexa tune in to what’s hot in your city and play it through your Echo speakers so you’re up with your cities trends.

As simple as asking “Alexa, play the top songs in Los Angeles” or “Alexa, play the hits in Tokyo”. Alexa will play different tracks based on local trends every day with Amazon’s goal being to help listeners discover new music and get in touch with their area more.

Another update to Alexa for Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime introduces the ‘Play More Like This’ command. This update allows you to speak to Alexa anytime while your listening to music to request more songs based off of that song.

The feature can also be used to play similar songs to any other artists or track, as an alternative to starting a radio-based playlist. This means that you could say “Alexa, play songs similar to Drake” or alternatively “Alexa, play songs similar to Hotline Bling”.

These two additions to Alexa follow an update earlier last week which allows users to set alarms which play music from their Echo speakers.