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The sun’s out for summer, and so discounts are here too. Until June 14th you can get Ableton Intro, Standard, and Suite at a 25% discount. These deals also include upgrades from Lite and older versions of the Ableton DAW.

Additional Ableton summer sales include Max for Live, every Ableton Live Pack, and even crossgrades to Max 8! Despite these great software discounts, there are no hardware discounts on the Push MIDI controller. But now is the time to get your Ableton software of choice and wait for a hardware discount to come along… maybe on Black Friday?

Ableton Live 25% discount

Ableton has risen to the top of the list for electronic music composition, mixing and production DAWs. The DAW is one of the simplest DAWs to learn and use too. You can jump in and start exploring new sounds instantly, and there is a massive array of “How to use Ableton” tutorials online. In fact, there are more Ableton tutorials than most DAWs so you’ll have no problem learning the DAW.

Ableton is a popular tool for live performance as well as music production. You’ll find that most producers, musicians, and live performers use Ableton Live to both create and perform music in every electronic genre. Ableton Live is an incredibly competent DAW for creating scenes, MIDI channels and recording live during a performance. Furthermore, Ableton features amazing stock effects plugins, virtual instruments, and sample packs.

Now you can save up to 25% off on Ableton Live’s three tiers. This is pretty standard for Ableton discounts, so now is the time to get yourself the DAW before the offer ends. And if you’ve never used Ableton, take advantage of the free trials that you can access on Ableton’s website. Check out the discount prices below:

Ableton discount prices

Ableton Live 11 Intro: £50

Ableton Live 11 Standard: £222

Ableton Live 11 Suite: £385

You can access the range of discounts here. The discounts are available until June 14th.