A former Apple director has launched of a new platform that lets artists connect and collaborate from the convenience of their own homes.

People are currently having to face the very new reality of being stuck at home with limited travel for the foreseeable weeks. It’s disrupted big events, tourism industries, service industries – but now we’re starting to see how self-isolating at home will affect us.

For musicians, limiting contact with other people means that collaborating and jamming has suddenly become a whole lot harder. Thankfully Arnau Bosch, a former Creative Director at Apple has revealed a new social music platform that will keep musicians connected in these times.

SoundStorming gives artists a platform on which they can generate recordings, promote and share song ideas, and discover new musical collaborators all in a mobile app. It couldn’t have come at a better time as musicians around the world are finding themselves stuck at home.

Co-founder and CEO of the platform, Bosch said: “We see ourselves as connecting the fragmented worlds of music creation, collaboration, and distribution, in one place. Music is the top category on social media, making it a potentially powerful tool for artist discovery.”

Musicians can upload recordings of melodies, chords, or even fully realised tracks for other artists to tap into and expand or completely rework themselves. An auto-time stamping feature ensures that each musician owns the rights to their contribution to the composition to ensure their credit if it gets a commercial release.

Bosch continues: “Social Media is about creating an outside image: fabricated, filtered, unreachable, and egocentric. Musicians usually engage with audiences through content that has nothing to do with music on these platforms. SoundStorming is about talent, not looks, making it the first true social music platform.”

They have outlined their plans in three different phases:

  1. Empowering the next generation of musicians with a streamlined, user-friendly platform that makes it easy and rewarding to network and collaborate with other artists
  2. Bring the professional community of established musicians, producers, A&R folks, etc. into the mix; people who can give well-needed advice and mentoring to emerging artists.
  3. Open the doors to audiences so artists will be able to use the creative process as exclusive content to engage with fans and be discovered.

Bosch adds: “If you open these doors, you can really imagine what kind of interaction and engagement we’re bringing between artists and fans – something that’s never been seen before. I would love for artists to understand the power that they have with their ideas, and to be able to give them the tools to really utilise those ideas.”

It couldn’t have come at a better time. Check out SoundStorming for yourself: soundstorming.com/