The Death of Illegal Downloading

An interesting article here, because we’ve been saying this for a while: the Guardian basically patting Spotify on the back for having an instrumental part in the decline of illegal filesharing. A great reason to let us do your online distribution for you, as we’re working with Spotify.

While the government and the music industry posture about illegal filesharing, smaller, smarter companies are simply out-competing it.

Stand by for the death of illegal music downloads. It is already gathering pace, being one of the fastest growing – or contracting – activities on the web. It is not happening because of the music industry’s rough justice (such as suing customers); nor because of Lord Mandelson’s variant of “three strikes and you’re out” for people caught downloading illegally – though doubtless they will claim credit.

You can read the rest of this very insightful article at the Guardian. 😉

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