Are lyrics getting more repetitive than they used to be?

How do you answer such a wide question spanning so much content? Why, with computer learning algorithms of course! I’m sure you’ve been there. The aux cord is broken, you’re stuck in traffic and each…

This app is fantasy football for the next music hits

Predict the next big hits, sign the biggest artists, earn virtual royalties and make your way to the top in this fantasy football style music game. FanLabel is an app that lets you invest yourself…

Years & Years – Real (Tobtok Remix)

Years & Years – Real (Tobtok Remix). Amazing track and another amazing remix.

Worst Song of the Year –, Cody Wise – It’s My Birthday

This has to be the worst song of the year! I actually thought that English was the performers second language, but then I realised it was! Terrible! What the hell has happened to pop…

Great Mashup of the Best United State of Pop 2013 tracks

Great Mashup of the Best United State of Pop 2013 tracks. Very cool!

25 Biggest Pop Tracks of 2011 Mashup

Here is a great video and remix/mashup of the biggest 25 pop tracks of 2011. This mashup is from DJ Earworm and it is set to be one of the most popular videos on YouTube…

Alphabet Backwards – The Superhero EP

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a total sucker for pop music of all sorts; electro, bubblegum, whatever. Very little excites me us much as a disposable pop song that I will have forgotten about in a fortnight.

Ollie Wride – New Tracks And Live Dates

Sillhouets is as perfectly produced and meticulously written as any of his other work – not a vocal harmony or instrumental layer out of place and everything present in the mix completely justified in it’s inclusion.