Spotify’s at-home playlist trends

As people continue spending most of their days indoors, finding creative ways to stay entertained, at-home playlists are on the up. Spotify bring us some data regarding popular playlists, playlist key-words, popular songs and more.

Spotify analysed worldwide data between April 17 – May 17 to see how streaming habits have shifted due to lockdown.


With many hairdressers closed, people are hacking at their own hair. There’s a 50% increase in the creation of playlists with keywords such as “haircut”, “dying hair” and “hair dye”. Popular songs relate to the difficulty of the task, for example:


People are finding lockdown a fantastic opportunity to do some maintenance on the house and garden. Colouring themed playlists are up 40%, with painting playlists up 90% and gardening playlist 430%. Popular gardening tracks and podcasts include:

Baking playlists have risen (Spotify’s joke, not mine) 120%, with 2,750 playlists dedicated to banana bread.

Hobby themed podcasts are on the up for those looking for arts and crafts inspiration. Just Wanna Quilt is up 125% and WeCrochet has seen an increase of 60%


Homeschooling and Zoom classes are on the up, as are homeschool-themed playlists, with more than a 1000% increase. The most popular songs on these playlists are:


Many people have converted their bedrooms and dining rooms into home-offices for the last couple of months. Working-from-home-themed playlists are up 1400%. Popular choices for these playlists include:

The top classical pick being:


There are more than 940,000 cleaning playlists on Spotify. Spotify’s own Cleaning Kit playlist has seen a 30% increase in streams during lockdown. User generated playlists increased 40%, with overall streams up 65%. Top picks for cleaning include:


As temperature increase in the Northern Hemisphere, so do the summer-themed soundtracks, 245% in-fact.

We hope that Spotify can be used as an escape and source of inspiration during this unprecedented time. Create your own at-home playlist—full of music or podcasts—by opening up Spotify.


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