Song Writing Competition

Browsing the SoundCloud blog I just noticed this group of songwriters trying to get a competition going; all you have to do is write a 1 minute song – the most dramatic song wins.

I think this is an excellent idea for a competition and a good test of your songwriting skills. Please take a look at this group and submit your entry. All you need is a SoundCloud account and some way of recording your music, oh and some talent and a bit of taste.

If you want an idea of what you’ll be up against, listen to the group’s set below.

1-minute wonders

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    Ben, thanks for your comment. I hadn’t considered that. If it was my competition I would be more than happy to accept producers. Why not give it a try? If you wanted to set up your own competition I would certainly like to promote it!

    i wish i knew how to set up my own competition im stumped and sorry about the late reply ive litterally just found this i didnt get an email or anyting i found it on a backlink checker really sorry matee!! plus ive been trying really hard to SEO my site!! rather stressfull and yes would love promotion on a competition can you tell me how to start one?

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