Pornhub debut music video on YouTube for strange entry into the music business

2016 just keeps getting weirder: Pornhub, one of the world’s biggest adult sites, just produced their first music video and it’s completely safe for work.

In a change of direction for the adult video site Pornhub have made their first move into non-pornographic video with their first music video production. The video, produced for Mykki Blanco’s track ‘Loner’, features Jean Deaux and astonishingly, no porn anywhere to be seen.

The website signalled towards this strange move into music a couple of years ago when they announced Pornhub Records, a bemusing┬árecord label. Plans for Pornhub Records have since dissipated though they told Digital Music News that they still had plans to enter the music industry. With their production debut on the music video for ‘Loner’ this is assumably the start of a new direction for the company.

The music video debuted on Pornhub before moving on to YouTube, tapping new audiences for music – though whether these are audiences interested in a SFW music video is doubtful. At the moment Pornhub’s aim with music seems ambiguous but with long-standing plans to enter the music industry this could be the dawn of a new approach to music. They have access to a massive audience but how marketing music stands in that space will have to be seen.

If any artists want to get involved in… whatever Pornhub’s music plans are, their vice president Cory Price said that you can get in contact at

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