MOG Diversifying Their Music News Aggregator

MOG initially started their service as a music news aggregator, but over the last 6 months or more they have been focused on building out their music streaming service. Thus, they are now trying to diversify and give their music news service its own identity and have now launched

MOG CEO David Hyman says, “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to access the best content on our growing network of 1,300 blogs and also give brands an opportunity to do some really creative things. was an obvious solution to best serve both consumers and brands.”

How To Get My Music into the UK Top 40 Charts

There are a lot of distributors out there that claim they are unique because they can help you get your music in the charts. Some of the distributors even charge money to do this. Most bands don’t even realise that they can do this all themselves for FREE! Any distributor that charges for a service like this is simply just ripping you off.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get your music chart eligible for the UK.

  1. Ensure your release complies with the ‘Chart Rules’. There are rules that apply to physical formats, and rules for digital formats. If your release does not adhere to the chart rules it will not be eligible for any of the published charts, although OCC will still track sales of the product providing it has been registered correctly.
    Full copies of the chart rules (singles and albums) are available to download from here
  2. Obtain a catalogue number and barcode for each of your physical formats. We can only track sales of those products  with a unique barcode (UPC codes are provided FREE on RouteNote).
  3. Obtain an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) for each of your individual digital tracks and a digital barcode for each of your digital formats. We can only track sales of those downloads with an ISRC and digital single or album formats with a digital barcode.
  4. Finally you need to head to the PPL Repertoire site: Once there you need to register and upload your music to the PPL Repertoire database. Contact PPL Repertoire Database via email on or by telephone on 020 7534 1122 if you have any problems.

Thats it!

Make sure that you never pay any money to distributors for this service, because anyone can get access to the PPL Repertoire database for FREE.

For more information check out the Offical charts website.

The Libertines: Rehearsal Video

Pete Doherty has uploaded a video onto his personal youtube account of what appears to be the band rehearsing recently for their upcoming Reading and Leeds shows.

The video has been crudely cut on a laptop and features a rehearsal of the song ‘Horrorshow’, footage from an old show of the same song, Pete with an acoustic guitar and the band frolicking.

If you’re a vaguely sensible person then you’ll be a fan of the Libertines and this video will make you smile.

Why not take a look, eh?

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – The Bike Song

Yet another Bike song, but this time is by Mark Ronson and his friends. “The Bike Song” features the View’s Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock, and was co-written by The Zutons’s Dave McCabe.

Record Collection is out 9/27 in the UK and 9/28 in the U.S. via RCA.

Mark Ronson and The Business INTL – The Bike Song (featuring Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock) by sheenabeaston

Tenorion Demo Featuring Little Boots with Meddle

The Tenorion is an instrument designed by Toshio Iwai, the creater of Electroplankton – a game for Nintendo DS where you use animated plankton to create music. The instrument includes a sequencer with 16×16 buttons where you can manipulate pitch, lenght and loops. It also has a built in synth and sampler. The most famous artist to use this device is Little Boots.

MyToyBox – It’s The Weekend

MyToyBox is the brainchild of 19 year-old Matt Nash who started his career as a singer of a metal band but became a pop convert. MyToyBox has released their first track from their debut album called It’s The Weekend. The MyToyBox album is scheduled for release this October on Jive Records (Sony).

“I suddenly was surrounded by all this upbeat, fun music and realized that there’s nothing quite like a euphoric pop chorus to really make a night,” he explains in a press release.

“It was like a lightbulb moment where I figured out that’s the type of music that makes you forget any problems and just have an amazing time. Trying to write a chorus like that myself took a little while, but fingers crossed I’ve cracked it.”

Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Belle and Sebastian Releases the Cover Art for Their Upcoming Album

Belle & Sebastian have just released the cover art for their upcoming album. The record, which we hope will be released this year, is called Write About Love.

Main man Stuart Murdoch said on the band’s blog:

“While I was doing the art, I got Kim from the ace Glasgow band, Zoey Van Goey, to write this in chalk in a few secluded spots in Glasgow and I took her picture. If you haven’t already, you can see her on the splash page.”

“What I was thinking is that it would be fun if some of you tried the same thing, and either filmed yourself doing it, or got someone to take a picture (it would be good to see you with your work!). You can then upload them to our Flickr group here for everyone to see (you will need to sign up to Flickr if not already a member and join the group).”

“We’ll choose some of the most scenic, artistic and elaborate ones and present the best submissions with a trophy of some sort! To sum up, I’d like to see pictures or footage of you writing either Belle and Sebastian Write About Love or Write About Love in secret or public places, in the town you live in.”