PUSH.FM – Promote your music on RouteNote’s new artist promotion platform

PUSH.FM is a new artist hub that provides the solution to giving your fans all of your music on every service in one place – and there’s much more to come!

At RouteNote we have prided ourselves on giving artists everywhere the same opportunities as the world’s biggest artists. Making music distribution free and simple means you can be heard the world over on all of the biggest digital services.

We have launched PUSH.FM to take artists on the next step once their music is online on the biggest and best streaming services and digital stores. Launch a hub for all your fans to find your music, create campaigns to take your music even further and drive streams, and boost your audience to stratospheric levels.

How PUSH.FM takes your music further

Sign up as an artist to PUSH.FM and gain real time analytics and in-depth tracking of how your music is connecting with people and who it’s connecting with.

We also provide FanLinks: Create a one-stop shop as a webpage where you can link your music from all the top services in one place. So whether your fans use Spotify or if they use Apple Music, they can come to one place and get listening straight away.

What’s to come!

We have many more exciting things to come with PUSH.FM, this is just the start!


Soon we’ll be launching Pre-Saves. This will let you give links to your fans so that they can head to services like Spotify and Pre-Save your music in their library so that as soon as it’s available, they have it.

Download Gateway

Want to offer your fans something special in return for a bit of love? Download gateways let you create a campaign offering a special offer like a free download to a track, in return for liking your Facebook page, subscribing to your channel, and more great options to get people involved.

Create your PUSH.FM account now.

You can now use Stripe to pay for RouteNote Premium

We’ve added Stripe so that when you want to keep 100% of the earnings your music makes, you have a choice for how to pay.

Now you can choose between Stripe and PayPal when you upload your music to pay for Premium distribution. Stripe offers another secure and direct payment option for using RouteNote Premium to get your music on the top services worldwide.

Stripe allows you to pay by card directly from your bank account securely. Stripe is also available in countries where PayPal isn’t so more users will have the option to sign up for RouteNote Premium.

RouteNote Premium allows you to pay a small upfront cost that lets you keep 100% of all your earnings. When you upload your music to all of the top digital stores and streaming services you can keep everything you make from sales and streams with RouteNote Premium.

Get your music online on all of the world’s biggest download stores and streaming services at www.routenote.com now.

RouteNote artist Chingiz to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Finals

We are very proud to see another artist using RouteNote taking part in Eurovision 2019: Chingiz is the hotly tipped entry for Azerbaijan.

We are proud to say that we’ve helped artists taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest to get their music online worldwide in the past. This year we could be on to a winner with the brilliant producer Chingiz from Azerbaijan in the running for number 1.

With an amazing blend of pop and dance. Chingiz will take his track ‘Truth’ to the Eurovision Song Contest stage this weekend to go up against 25 other acts from around the world.

Chingiz made it through to the finals after ‘Truth’ amassed millions of listens and found international adoration. He was selected along with the other finalists by Contest Producer Christer Björkman, EBU’s executive supervisor and the chairman of the Reference Group who govern the broadcast.

The Grand Final takes place tomorrow, Saturday 18th May, in Tel Aviv and will be streamed live by 41 different broadcasters around the world.

RouteNote’s new and improved artwork upload page

We’ve updated our ‘Upload Artwork’ page to look better, work better and prepare to make your cover art even better quality on stores.

When you log in to www.routenote.com and upload your music you’ll notice we have a new and improved page to upload your artwork from that looks fresh and makes it easier to use.

Tired of rooting through folders to find your artwork? Upload your image by simply dragging and dropping the file into the page with new Drag and Drop support.

You’ll also notice a message warning you that our requirements for cover art dimensions will be changing soon. 

Next month we will require the dimensions of your artwork image to be 3000px instead of 1425px to ensure the highest quality on stores.

Until then you can still upload anything between 1425px and 3000px dimensions if it is exactly square.

RouteNote and NetEase are take your music to 600+ million new listeners

Take your music to one of the biggest music streaming services in China and the world with free distribution to NetEase Cloud Music.

NetEase Cloud Music is a giant force in China’s emerging digital music scene. It is known alongside Tencent as one of the ‘Big 3’ of China’s music streaming, claiming more than 600 million users listen to music on NetEase.

They offering freemium streaming with paid services for extra features, a bit like a Chinese Spotify. Their catalogue of music counts over 10 million songs and we’ll be helping to boost that even higher with your music .

Distribute to one of China’s top streaming services for free with RouteNote and find a whole new audience of over 600 million people. It’s simple to get your music worldwide without spending a penny when you sign up at www.routenote.com.

Don’t worry about your existing releases if you’ve already uploaded music through us – if you’ve selected Kanjian then it will already have been sent to China’s top streaming services. If you didn’t then get in touch at support@routenote.com and we can make sure your music is taken across the world and where you want it.

Sign up at www.routenote.com and distribute your music to all the top stores and streaming services for free.

RouteNote partners with China’s biggest music streaming services through Tencent

We are thrilled to announce that Tencent Music Entertainment will be joining our ever-growing list of partners.

Tencent Music Entertainment are leading the way for digital music in China. Their massively popular apps include QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo with over 700 million active users and 120 million paying subscribers coming to them for their music fix in the China.

We are excited to be working with Tencent to take independent artists and labels’ music from all over the world to the biggest music streaming services in China. China has emerged as one of the biggest adopters of digital music services and people love it. It’s definitely not a country to miss out on when getting your music worldwide.

When you distribute your music through RouteNote you can now select Tencent in the stores list and your music will be sent to all of the top streaming services in China.

Don’t worry about your existing releases if you’ve already uploaded music through us – if you’ve selected Kanjian then it will already have been sent to China’s top streaming services. If you didn’t then get in touch at support@routenote.com and we can make sure your music is taken across the world and where you want it.

Sign up at www.routenote.com and distribute your music to all the top stores and streaming services for free.

USP Studios bring kids’ favourite music to streaming services worldwide with RouteNote

USP Studios joins the RouteNote family to bring their beloved and sensational music to even more children around the world. With over 1 BILLION monthly views, kids and fans are tuning in around the world every month to watch their fun cartoons and educational songs, now they can listen whenever they want.

USP joins the RouteNote family to get their music heard worldwide through our global distribution channels. We are thrilled to be working with USP Studios to bring their music to all of the world’s favourite streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and many more so kids around the world can stream their favourite songs anytime and anywhere.

With over 1 billion views on YouTube alone, kids and fans are tuning in around the world every month to watch their fun/favorite cartoons and educational songs, USP Studios strengthens its fan base with a total of over 30 billion views across their 60,000+ videos. In just 5 years, they have over 50 animated characters under their purview helping them gain over 50 million subscribers. USP studios promises to form a bond with both the parents and the kids who are an audience to their content, with over 32 languages online.

USP Studios are a favourite of kids all over the world, creating meaningful content that engages, entertains and educates children all over the world. USP Studios brings their unique brand of ‘EduTainment’ content and with more than 30 billion views and 50 million subscribers across their channels around the world they are clearly connecting with kids in a brand new way that they can’t get enough of.

USP Studios founder, Mr. Uday Singh Phoolka says: “At USP, we are committed to creating and delivering quality content that engages with our diverse audience and strengthens our goal of meaningful education through entertainment for kids. We constantly strive towards growing our presence in different markets and are thrilled to partner with a distribution giant like RouteNote to amplify our content and help reach a wider audience around the world. Combining our offerings with their network strength is an association we hope proves fruitful for many years to come.”

Steven Finch, RouteNote’s founder and CEO, added: “Children’s music is a very important part of the music landscape and we are thrilled to start working with USP studios to bring their massively popular catalogue to the world. Uday and his team have created some amazing brands for Children’s music on YouTube and beyond. It’s an honour to represent their music as part of the RouteNote family.”

Whether you’re getting 10 views or 10 billion views, at RouteNote we are constantly striving to achieve our mission to give everyone the same opportunities online.  Artists and labels of all sizes can come to RouteNote for full control and transparency, managing where your music goes online and staying in the loop – always. Just head here and sign up for free: www.routenote.com.

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RouteNote holiday schedules for the festive season 2018

The festive season is here and that means our offices will be closed for a short while whilst we get ready for an even bigger year of opportunities and music in 2019.

Our offices will be closed from the 22nd December to the 2nd January as we recuperate after a long and brilliant year in 2018. There may be a delay in the time we can moderate your releases and get them on to the top stores and streaming services around the world whilst we are away.

Once we are back on the 2nd we will jump straight into your releases and emails to make sure that you have to wait as little time as possible to share your music with the world.

We wish you all a happy holidays and look forward to returning in the new year to continue bringing your music to the world.

RouteNote’s new live sessions for independent artists featured in the paper

This week we were ecstatic to see our new RouteNote Sessions in the Parlour studio had made the paper with an interview with our wonderful coordinator Ed speaking on how we are providing new opportunities to artists. The sessions offer professional recordings, awesome looking videos and are a great opportunity to reach entirely new audiences.

We started recording bands and artists in the Parlour studio in September of this year and we have been overjoyed with the response. Releasing new sessions every week we offer something for everyone no matter your musical palette. The sessions are only going to get bigger and better in 2019 and we can’t wait to bring you more amazing bands and artists and see our vision expand and evolve.

Check out some of our favourites so far:

Find all of the sessions on our Facebook and YouTube channels. You can also listen to every session on all streaming services.