Update on RouteNote SoundCloud Network Track Visuals

SoundCloud are due to announce the discontinuation of the track visual offer associated with our Unlimited platform on SoundCloud.
Any visuals that have been implemented before July the 1st will not be affected, but unfortunately, any visual submitted after that date will not be implemented,  so please submit all visuals before the 1st July (Friday.) We will try our upmost to ensure these visuals are implemented.
Our unlimited tier still offers featured profiles, unlimited upload capacity, track monetization and clickable links.
Please email Soundcloud@routenote.com with any questions or concerns.

Soundcloud Go: Soundcloud Launches Music Subscription Service to Rival Spotify, Apple Music and Beyond

Soundcloud has announced their new subscription service for listeners called Soundcloud Go. Soundcloud Go is now available in the U.S for $9.99 per month.

SoundCloud Go is the same SoundCloud you’ve known for years taken to the next level: with an expanded catalog of tracks that are new to the platform, new features and new functionality.

With SoundCloud Go, listeners will get:

  • Even more tracks from emerging and established creators – including the massive hits, the latest tracks from the biggest names, the sounds of the underground, the most engaging podcasts and the best of what’s up-and-coming – all in one place
  • The ability to listen offline on their mobile device without a cell signal or internet connection
  • An uninterrupted, ad-free listening experience

Soundcloud Go is expected to rollout into more countries as time progresses as well as expansion of ad-supported listening.

After the first 30 days, it’s $9.99 per month (or $12.99 per month if purchased through our iOS app). You can cancel anytime.

RouteNote Artists: If your music is already monetized on Soundcloud then it will be eligable for Soundcloud Go from the beginning. If you haven’t yet joined our Soundcloud Network then please login to your account and add your Soundcloud channel. 

RouteNote Artists to Receive Free Unlimited Tier for Artists Monetizing within Our Soundcloud Network

RouteNote artist will now automatically received an Unlimited Soundcloud account when they monetize their tracks within the RouteNote Soundcloud Network. Unlimited allows RouteNote artists who have monetized their music on the Soundcloud platform the ability to receive a Free upgrade allowing unlimited uploads to the Soundcloud platform. Previously on the Soundcloud free option they only allow 3 hours of upload time.

Features of the Soundcloud RouteNote Unlimited Plan:

  • Unlimited Uploads to your Soundcloud account for Free
  • Track Visuals
  • Featured Profiles in the channel banners
  • Clickable channel banners

If RouteNote artists would like extra features they now have the ability to select an upgrade on their Soundcloud account. Tiers explained here.

If an artist wants to select the Pro account they will obtain the extra features and also keep the Unlimited upload status.

Additionally, if your a RouteNote artist within our Soundcloud Network and have already monetized your music, then you will receive the Unlimited update automatically when your current plan expires.

RouteNote Community Grows to Over 100,000 Accounts

Today RouteNote is happy to announce that over 100,000 accounts have signed up to make use of our services. The RouteNote Community is growing fast!

2015 was an amazing growth year for RouteNote and the artists we represent, with the launch of YouTube Networks and becoming the first distributor in the world to partner with Soundcloud.

2016 is going to be an exciting year in which we provide more great products and services, bringing our artists unique opportunities.

The RouteNote Team just wanted to thank every artist that has continued to support our cause. With your help, our mission to enable any independent artist or label with the opportunity to make it big in the music industry is ever expanding.

RouteNote Has The Fastest Growing SoundCloud Network in The World

At the start of this year RouteNote became the first digital music aggregator to partner with SoundCloud, joining their On SoundCloud platform to help artists make money on SoundCloud for the first time. Since then our SoundCloud Network has seen massive growth and become the fastest growing network on SoundCloud in the world.

Thanks to the popularity and great response to our Network from artists, two weeks ago we opened our SoundCloud Network for ALL artists to get their tracks monetised and gain access to lots of extra benefits.

We work with some of the top artists and labels on SoundCloud, here are just a few of the artists and labels that are part of RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network:


Benny Benassi

Bombs Away


Gamper & Dadoni

High On Music

So what are you waiting for? Join our SoundCloud Network today!


Here are all the features you get when you join our SoundCloud Network:
  • Free Pro-Unlimited account
  • Revenue share of 85% to the channel owners
  • Verification on your SoundCloud profile
  • VIP access to better Branding Options
  • Access to Premium features like Geotargeting, scheduling and more
  • Full Transparency – You can see all real-time stats in your SoundCloud account
  • You always keep 100% ownership of your account and tracks
  • Better rights management
  • No lock-in forever – You can leave at any time


Here’s how you can join the fastest growing SoundCloud Network in the world:
  1. Login to your RouteNote account or sign up if you don’t have one (it’s free!) at routenote.com
  2. Go to the SoundCloud tab on routenote.com
  3. Add your SoundCloud channel URL(s) where it says ‘Profile URL:’
  4. Click submit
  5. Once we accept you channel you can add SoundCloud Track URLs and see SoundCloud in your Manage Stores page for each release


Please note: It can take up to 48 hours to accept your channel. You can only monetise your own music or music you have the rights to on your SoundCloud channel(s).