Amber Lights bright, bold take on folk music made this live session a magical one

We were joined by the wonderful Amber Lights for 3 outstanding tracks in last week’s session. Taking folk music in such a gorgeous and energetic direction it was an honour to see them play.

Venturing all the way down from Bristol to bring their futuristic sounds to our Cornish studio resulted in a magical session that should not be missed.

Amber Lights


Routenote Sessions


RouteNote Sessions & 4 brilliant acts made for a very special evening of independent music at The Great Escape festival

Last week RouteNote Sessions were invited to The Great Escape in Brighton to join four acts from the Sessions to play a showcase of the amazing music coming out of Cornwall.

On Thursday the 9th May, me and Ed Pipkin (RouteNote Sessions leader and founder) took the long drive from Cornwall to Brighton – RouteNote Sessions sign in tow in the back-seat carved and glued together by Ed just that morning. That night was to be a very special evening, a showcase of some of the very finest in new music from Cornwall at the diverse and exciting Great Escape festival.

Thanks to Cultivator Cornwall, who arranged the venue and getting the bands and RouteNote Sessions together, we were able to take the beach-side ‘Hub’ over for the night. With an entrance that opens directly out onto Brighton’s picturesque coastline the mood was set for a magical evening to lead into The Great Escape’s big weekend.

All four acts were instrumental in the early days of RouteNote Sessions. The first 2 acts to play were the first 2 Sessions we ever released so the night felt like a culmination of our work so far with the bonus of being able to catch up with some of the wonderful acts we’ve recorded with a beautiful sea view as the back drop.

The fantastic Rue kicked the evening off with a stripped down set, powering through her songs with pure musical swing even without her backing band behind her. Rue’s voice is one of pure silken gold that anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing her play will know is irresistible, head-bopping material.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it before, check out her brilliant RouteNote Session – it was our first ever!

Next up was FARE, coincidentally the second live session we ever recorded. FARE has an incredibly unique talent of transporting you to a transcendental place through stunning live-looping. FARE warmed herself up with the majesty of her own music to take place on the stage again as part of the very different sound of Milo Gore.

FARE’s session is a personal favourite at RouteNote with an incredible cover of Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place:

Following a mellow introduction to the evening, featuring 2 of the most beautifully gentle musicians we’ve had the pleasure of working with, the night was about to get a bit more energetic.

Christina (FARE) rejoined the stage with the band of Milo Gore in tow to play a raucous set of sad songs played loudly. With as many as 3 guitars playing at a time Milo Gore tore through his set as the band built the crowd into motion.

Finally the fantastic L I P S took to the stage to present their signature dream-pop sound to the city of Brighton and it’s Great Escape visitors. As usual L I P S filled the room with dreamy guitar sounds and a force that leaves you powerless to move to the grooves.

L I P S have been making waves across the country, presenting an amazing example of the Cornish music scene exporting nationally to radio stations and venues across the UK. It’s a pleasure working with a unique band that prove the power of music, even in the far reaches of Cornwall.

Finally to close off an evening of the burgeoning music scene in the South-West it was RouteNote’s time to shine. We took to the stage and projected some of our favourite sessions to introduce the pride of our project to a new audience.

It was a brilliant night that introduced us to the wonderful sounds of Brighton and vice-versa – we got the opportunity to present ourselves to The Great Escape festival.

RouteNote Sessions ranked as one of the top live sessions in the UK

It’s been an amazing journey since RouteNote launched live sessions 7 months ago, to now being ranked one of the top 5 places in the UK to record sessions!

In just over half a year our live sessions have exploded from the humble beginnings of a wish to work with local artists and give them a unique, new and professional platform. Since launch RouteNote Sessions have spread beyond our roots in Cornwall to work with artists further afield and spread our name with our first showcase at a festival recently – and many more exciting opportunities and events.

It’s a thrill watching our work with independent artists take shape in a whole new way to our proud distribution service. This week On The House Music listed RouteNote Sessions as one of the ‘5 Places to Record a Live Session You Need To Know’.

We’re well aware how many brilliant and talented sessions projects exist in the UK so to be classed in the top tier was a thrilling privilege. On The House Music wrote: “Offering mega high-quality studio sessions to some of the UKs best rising local artists, they have featured some fantastic artists.”

Ed Pipkin, RouteNote team member and showrunner of the Sessions, said: “We are truly humbled to be included in this list of high quality, professional live session projects. Considering we have only been up and running for less than a year this is a huge achievement and we hope that this is just the beginning of our journey towards becoming an internationally renowned live sessions project.”

You can watch all of our great live sessions on Facebook and YouTube or listen to them on all major streaming services!

Check out our latest session for a sumptuous little taster of what we create in our studio with incredible, up-and-coming artists:

The Great Escape lit up Brighton for a weekend of amazing music diversity

In the heart of Brighton city The Great Escape fills the seaside town with music everywhere you look for a weekend of amazing music and beautiful views.

Last week RouteNote Sessions took to Brighton to introduce some of the great Cornish acts we work with at The Great Escape festival. After a brilliant night of music in collaboration with Cultivator on Thursday, me and RouteNote Sessions’ leader Ed explored the city to watch some of the incredible range of music spilling out of the seaside city for the weekend.

When The Great Escape festival lands in Brighton it spreads its reach all over the city taking roots everywhere from small bars to major venues. Every street you walk down around the centre of the city will result in a brightly coloured beacon drawing you towards the music in the shape of The Great Escape logo stickered everywhere.

Exploring the beach you will find hole-in-the-walls that are filled with hidden life and up-and-coming music. One of these hole-in-the-wall venues was the location for RouteNote Sessions’ showcase and the Cornish acts that joined us. It was a beautiful stage that shot directly like a portal from the stage at the back to the view of the sea directly opposite, soaking you into the coast even from beyond the doorway.

The sea staged a perfect backdrop for the evening of music featuring Rue, FARE, Milo Gore, and L I P S. All Cornish artists who were incremental in the early days of RouteNote Sessions with their fantastic live performances for us.

Continue down the shore at night and you’ll find a natural draw to the famous Brighton Pier with dazzling lights shimmering up and down, reeling you further out to sea. On the end of the pier the DIY stage provides the sound whilst the city lights up, stretching out beyond the sand in a myriad of illumination.

Psychadelic Porn Crumpets at the Aussie BBQ on the beach

Whilst the city is alive with light and sound at night, The Great Escape is just as vibrant throughout the day. We followed a zip-line from the pier to the Great Aussie BBQ where the culminated stages had sand shaking as amazing acts from the other side of the planet took to the stage. From boot-stomping throwbacks of classic heavy rock like Stonefield to the psych-rock head-bangings of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, the Australian showcase was a major highlight.

Head back into the city and you will wind down diagonal alleyways adorned with unique shops and cafes. You’ll find yourself outside of a variety of venues and stages where everything from the brain-stomping, industrial sound of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tear the roof off the playable-guitar laden Fender stage to conference talks and discussions for artists and industry experts to immerse themselves in valuable tips and chat shop about music.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tearing the Fender stage apart

As a man mostly accustomed to the sense of a collective whole at field festivals with everything within a stones throw; A city festival was a new experience for me. The Great Escape brings loads of brilliant acts to spread across the city, and it’s the city of Brighton that truly cherries this cake of a festival. With the gorgeous coast, the beautiful streets, and glowing night lights the city provides an excellent culmination of music becomes an exhilarating experience.

We’ll have more videos and fun stuff about our time at The Great Escape coming 
soon so keep your eyes peeled!

RouteNote Sessions comes to the Great Escape festival

We’re taking RouteNote Sessions to Brighton joined by some of the incredible Cornish acts that helped kick the sessions off in the early days.

In the seaside city of Brighton, once a year the Great Escape invades the city to fill venues with music and spread the word about the rising scenes and bands that make UK music so diverse and special.

We are proud to be bringing some of the greatest sessions to the festival with The Alternative Escape stage on Thursday evening. We’ll be joined by some of the favourite acts to have joined us in the Parlour studio:

Rue – 20:00

Rue will set the stage with her amazing magnetism that comes from her ability to blend classic soul with pure funky vibes into a beautiful whole that is sure to leave the audience’s mouths agape.

FARE – 20:45

FARE proves that you don’t need more than a microphone and a guitar to blow people away. Her beautiful set will be the second of the Cultivator showcase on Thursday.

Milo Gore – 21:35

Milo Gore will beef things up a notch, getting the crowd riled up with their unique punky brand of indie rock and leading in for the final band of the night.

L I P S – 22:40

L I P S have been taking the country by storm with radio play, gigs up and down the UK and making a noise wherever possible. This Thursday they will be closing off The Alternative Escape stage with a gig that you definitely won’t want to miss!

RouteNote Sessions Takeover – 23:30

We’ll be closing the night with a series of our very favourite RouteNote Sessions to give Brighton a taste of the incredible acts who have joined us for sessions in the past 8 months.

We want people to really experience some of the amazing music from Cornwall and further which we have had the pleasure of recording to take the Sessions across the country and get even more people watching and talking about the artists and sessions that we’re so proud of.

The main man behind the RouteNote Sessions, Ed, will be there to talk to artists and fans about what we’re doing down here and how they can get involved. 
I (Jacca) will also be there to record some lovely faces and talk to the bands. If you want to have a chat or to be featured in our Great Escape video come along and say hi!

RouteNote Sessions great escape festival showcase live music cultivator

Is this RouteNote Sessions’ most fun session ever?!

It’s not every week you get an act like Tugboat Captain in. Their music is brilliant but their attitude is completely contagious, spreading laughter and enjoyment around the studio and through the screens.

This session is sure to brighten your day and fill it with wonderful, infectious sounds.

Tugboat Captain


Routenote Sessions


RouteNote sessions go psychedelic with a folk twinge

Drakes Island popped in to the Parlour Studio for a session like no other. The way that they meld gorgeous traditional indie and folk sounds with a modern, trippy feel to it made this session beautifully unique.

From the southwest, the band is made up of lead guitarist Jamie Yost, bassist Olly Parker, drummer Matthew Gordon Price and band leader Fergus Tanner. The group released their first single in February, Only Passing Through, and it was a treat to get them in to play that and 2 other tracks for the session.

Drakes Island


Routenote Sessions


Tim Buckley’s Chase the Blues Away has never sounded better than in this live session

Our very own Sam Sweeney blessed us with his ability to transport you to another world with just his voice and a guitar.

This very special session features a bonus track for 4 songs of bliss in total, including a magical cover of Tim Buckley’s Chase the Blues Away.

Routenote Sessions


Melt your face off with this monster session from King Creature!

Get your metal heads on because this session kicked ass. Cornwall heavy rockers King Creature joined us in the Parlour for a blinding 3 track set.

The lads of King Creature have taken their music worldwide playing in China, the US and elsewhere. They’ve played with Motörhead, Megadeth and many other metal legends proving these guys are a force to be reckoned with with riffs your ears will be begging for more of.

King Creature


Routenote Sessions


Boots of Spanish Leather never sounded better than in this session

From the irrefutable soul of his beautiful Bob Dylan cover to his more alternative roots in his originals. Sam Varlow’s RouteNote Session is a majestic ride through his mind.

Sam and his band prove their versatility through 3 tracks of smooth gold filtering through your ears. Lay back and enjoy this tasty session.

Sam Varlow


Routenote Sessions