450m hours of YouTube are watched every day – and that doesn’t count on phones or computers!

YouTube is huge and the latest figures from their Brandcast event show that even on the sofa LOADS of people are watching videos.

YouTube’s Brandcast 2020 event revealed some incredible figures which show that off the computer and away from smartphones, people are watching over 450 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day. Over 100 million U.S. based viewers tune in to YouTube every single month on their TVs.

If it weren’t clear enough already that YouTube, with it’s vast library of all kinds of content and billions of global users, is a threat to traditional TV – it sure is now. Even next to digital streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, YouTube has the potential to steal away viewers offering everything from short-form, user-uploaded content to full films and TV shows available to rent.

With this in mind, YouTube have announced plans to offer advertisers the option to place their ads specifically to content watched on a TV. Using YouTube Select they hope to appeal to an even broader range of marketing companies by being able to offer them a more traditional spot if they don’t want to advertise on mobiles or elsewhere.

YouTube’s Chief Marketing Officer, Danielle Tiedt said: “YouTube gives people access to different perspectives other than their own and endless ways to explore. YouTube is video for everyone and as times change for viewers YouTube continues to be the constant source of inspiration and connection and happiness and empowerment for people. We serve a really critical role in their lives, helping them to develop themselves.”

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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