What YouTube have learned after a year of YouTube Shorts

YouTube launched Shorts, their TikTok rival, one year ago. Here’s what the video streaming service has learned from short-form video so far.

450m hours of YouTube are watched every day – and that doesn’t count on phones or computers!

YouTube is huge and the latest figures from their Brandcast event show that even on the sofa LOADS of people are watching videos. YouTube’s Brandcast 2020 event revealed some incredible figures which show that off…

YouTube creators get tipped cash with their new monetisation tool

YouTube are adding ‘Viewer Applause’ so that viewers can throw virtual tips at live streamers and videos. YouTube have begun testing a new feature with creators that allows their viewers to send them cash tips….

Vertical videos finally look good on YouTube

Bye-bye black bars. After years of discrimination YouTube are finally showing vertical videos the respect they (maybe) deserve on PCs. Vertical videos on YouTube are finally going to look… better. Regardless of your opinion on…

YouTube creators earn more money with new Channel Memberships for viewers

You can get extra personal with your favourite YouTube channels and sign up to a membership with exclusive access to special features and content. At last week’s VidCon YouTube unveiled a bunch of new features…