Image credit: YouTube

YouTube have replaced Various Artists topic channels for new music releases with individual release topics.

When you upload your music to YouTube Music, for example through RouteNote, your release will temporarily go to a topic channel. YouTube have changed how this works and have removed Various Artists topic channels.

Originally, YouTube would place newly uploaded music on a Various Artists – Topic channel. They are auto-generated by YouTube so there’s no way for artists to take control of them. Tracks would remain there temporarily until placed into an artist-specific YouTube channel.

Releases now no longer go to Various Artists topic channels. Instead, they will go to a Release – Topic channel on upload. This blank channel will house just that release for a short period until it is moved to an artist’s topic channel or their consolidated Official Artist Channel.

If you have any further questions about what this means for your music uploaded through RouteNote, you should be able to find answers on our Support Hub. If not, get in touch with us at for assistance.