You choose the artists, variety, filters and other parameters, and YouTube Music will serve up the perfect endless playlist of tunes.

YouTube Music have started rolling out a neat new feature that combines algorithm-driven stations, with human curation. Radio Builder lets YouTube Music users choose the artists and how much variety they want to hear, then the algorithm produces an endless, always updating stream of suitable music.

Radio Builder has started rolling out as of this week, and will soon be available to all free and Premium, iOS and Android users.

How to use YouTube Music’s Radio Builder

  • Simply head to Your music tuner under CREATE A RADIO on the app’s Home tab
  • Select up to 30 artists
  • Use Artist variety to select how many different artists you want to hear
  • Use Song selection to hear just the artists you know or discover new music from similar artists
  • Use filters to further customize the song selection
  • YouTube Music will instantly create the perfect station for you
  • Tap Tune to readjust the parameters

YouTube Music aren’t the only music streaming service making headlines this week with their algorithm-powered stations. Spotify too are making moves against traditional radio stations, with an AI-powered DJ commenting between tracks.

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