Yoko Ono; “Don’t Hold Your Breathe”

Yoko Ono yesterday told Beatles fans “not to hold your breathe”, waiting for the most popular and demanded music collection of all time to be available on iTunes. By doing so she alienates herself even further from the people who have paid for her luxurious lifestyle for such a long time, and demonstrates yet again what a naive and contemptible ass she really is.

I suppose I should qualify the two defamatory statements above; she is naive for not understanding web culture, which is common for someone of her age. If someone has a computer and an iPod and wants to buy the entire Beatles back catalogue, but when arriving at their computer cannot find the said music on the iTunes store, what will they do? Well of course, the more tech savvy amongst us will know how easy it is to find the music and exactly where to find it, as the below soundcloud file will show you.

The less tech-able will probably ask a friend, or ask google. They might google something like “how do I get Beatles music on my iPod?” Go on Yoko, type that into google, you thick bitch.

Of course, the most irritating part of this whole affair is that at heart, she knows people will carry on dishing out the cash to buy the remastered box-sets. They will do this year after year after year, because they like the music that Yoko’s husband made with a few of his friends. Hence, she is deserving of our universal contempt.

Well, here is a free Beatles song for you all to enjoy. I know it’s not a particularly good one, but at least whilst listening to it we can all feel happy that we have taken a couple of coins from Yoko’s money mountain, a mountain that she probably sits atop and cackles from whilst we all make her rich.

I hope she holds her breathe. I hope she holds it for a really long time.

The Beatles – Hello Goodbye by crazyybeautifulmess

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