WiMP has signed with T-Mobile in Poland. T-Mobile is the second mobile operator to partner with WiMP in Poland and the agreement will be effective from this month.

WiMP already partners with Play and with cable operator nc+ in Poland.

“Signing a contract with T-Mobile is another step in our expansion on the Polish market, further cementing our market leading position in the country”, said WiMP Music CEO Andy Chen.

WiMP is available in three versions in Poland: WiMP Basic with free access to over 23 million songs without any advertising interruption, at 9,99 zlotys (£1.96) per month, WiMP Premium with mobile access and offline mode additional at 19,99 zlotys (£3.92) per month and WiMP HiFi with lossless audio quality, equal to the sound of CD, at 39,99 zlotys (£7.84) per month.