That riff in that new song sounds so familiar, but you just can’t place your finger on where you heard it before… take a look at

This site contains a huge community submitted database of tracks, and the original sample they each contain, over 263,000 songs and 92,000 artists to be exact.

Samples, covers and remixes of any genre and period, the site will show there musical connections.

Search an artist or song and immediately see all the samples they use, all their tracks that have been sampled, remixes and covers in each track and the exact time the samples appear.

Each track is embedded in the site, to allow you to easily compare the two, then share, rate or even buy the track through iTunes or Amazon.

You may know of a sample that’s not on the site. Submit the track yourself and help the site grow.

Top rated samples, tracks and artists can be viewed, so you may find yourself mindless spending hours trawling through music.