Where Do You Head To Get Your Digital Music News?

In this day and age there are always a huge list of places on the internet where you can get recent news, but in terms of Digital Music News where do you head?

Currently, I think there are only 3 or 4 good places to head when you need the recent news in the digital music space. Below is a basic list of these sites and what they are all aboute.

Coolfer – Coolfer is currently an advertising free weblog that is dedicated to providing inside news into the digital music space. The site is very basic in terms of design and has a nice job board on the site, which provides some of the newest jobs within the industry. Coolfer is updated daily and seems to have a lot of original content.

Hypebot – Hypebot is the brain child of Bruce Houghton who is also the President of SkylineOnline, a somewhat record label. Bruce is a respect journalist within the industry and has already had Hypebot included in the Cnet top 100 blogs in 2005. Hypebot updates stories daily and is normally one of the first sources with the scoop!

Digital Music News – Paul Resnikoff is Mr Digital Music News. Paul is the publisher behind the long running service that has stayed consistent over time. Paul himself has some insiders in a variety of Digital Music companies, allowing him to be one of the first publishers with a story. The site is very professional, with the best job board in the industry.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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