Everything is difficult nowadays, everyone wants a piece of you, everyone wants something for free and every area of marketplace imaginable is clogged with with adverts that either just wash off your back, rot your brain or manage to squeeze money out of you somehow. When i say every area, i do actually mean every area.

Comedy songs are a niche little area that should be only touched by a few people, either your a complete pro an the world throws you around the Internet and your a legend in your own time (Fat star wars kid!), or your just awful, think your awesome and you die on your feet and yours friends have to give you the whole awkward, look this is just not working, conversation. (Like this fool with whatever the “Duck Song is”!). Some people come occasionally close, by accident but don’t get any credit because they dont have any actual skill because there so bad they’re great, like our old favorite ‘Indian Thriller’, posted below.

Wierld Al Jakovic has held the mantel quite superbly, and with good reason for around 10 years or so. He’s consistent with his polka powers, has no prejudeces so eveyone is open to attack and manages to pop out the occasional original bit of fun material that people seem to flock to. RouteNote loves a good Weird Al giggle as much as the next man but feel his reign is about to end, not-so-new kid on the block, but hugely underated Richard Cheese we feel it a damn good contender. Allthough only covers Richard makes them his own. A quick comedy-off we thought was the natural thing to do, so familiarise yourself with them the best you can and send us feed back with your personal favorites.

Wierld Al Yankovic                                     Richard Cheese

  1. Albequerque                                            1. Rape Me (Nirvana)
  2. Ebay                                                            2. Creep (Radiohead)
  3. Hardware Store                                      3. Paradise City (Guns N’ Roses)
  4. Angry White Boys (Polka power)           4. Rock The Casbah (The Clash)
  5. White An’ Nerdy                                     5. Gin And Juice (Snoop Dogg)