Vevo was born of the collaboration between YouTube and the major labels, after the long argument about revenues from YouTube’s streaming of copyrighted music and videos. Vevo has been streaming music video since December ’09, and in that one short month, has overtaken Myspace music as the No.1 music video site in the US. Techcrunch reports the following figures, with a more detailed analysis.

Top U.S. Music Services On The Web (in unique visitors, December, 2009)

  1. Vevo: 35.4 million
  2. MySpace Music: 33.1 million
  3. AOL Music: 29.0 million
  4. Warner Music: 23.3 million
  5. MTV Networks Music: 17.6 million
  6. Yahoo! Music: 16.4 million
  7. Jango Music Network: 9.6 million
  8. ToneFuse Music Network: 8.3 million
  9. MSN Music: 6.6 million
  10. Rhapsody: 6.5 million

Most of the traffic on Vevo was driven there from YouTube, and the service isn’t available outside the States yet, but given the warm reception Vevo has recieved, look for roll-out into Europe and Asia in the near future, as well as startled reactions from their competitors.