Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Just weeks after YouTube remove the dislike button to the hatred of pretty much everyone, Twitter may implement the feature on replies.

First spotted by some users back in July, Twitter have been experimenting with adding a secondary level of response to Tweet replies. Twitter explained at the time, unlike a traditional dislike button, the feature that was being tested with some users, was to help them show the most relevant replies under a Tweet.

It seems that Twitter are ready to launch the feature more broadly, with reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong uncovering an upcoming introduction screen for “reply downvotes” in the back-end of the app. As previously reported, downvotes aren’t public or shared with the author. Instead, downvotes help Twitter decide how to sort replies under a Tweet.

While this is no confirmation of the feature launching, it a promising sign for a feature that should hide scam comments and promote real conversations around the topic.