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A little bit of pop-related fun over at the Guardian’s blog site. They’ve picked a few bands that they think are headed for stardom in the near future, and are charting their progress on a performance graph, punctuated by points of interest on the artist’s calendar and assigning them a score out of 100. It’s a bit like interactive top trumps with indie bands, but quite interesting to note what the media takes notice of.

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Spotify add polls to podcasts to get listeners involved

Spotify are experimenting with polls to let podcasters and their audience interact and have their say on topics and discussions. Spotify’s new polls offers some much needed community interaction with the platform. The feature is…

Streaming in Italy up over 1/4 for 2020, making over 80% of their music industry

Despite the potential downturn from COVID, Italy’s music industry has grown in the first half of 2020 thanks to huge streaming growth. Near the start of the year, forecasts for Italy’s economy were not looking…

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