The company behind TikTok launch a new streaming app – Soda Music

Image Credit: 东方IC

Sharing many features with TikTok, ByteDance (China’s TikTok) open ‘Soda Music’ to public testing in Asia.

Once the user has selected from 15 music genres, including pop, rock, folk and hip-hop, and between five language categories: Mandarin, Europe and America, Japanese, Korean, and Cantonese, Soda Music users will find a similar experience to TikTok.

Much like TikTok and TikTok’s music streaming service Resso, Soda Music is an algorithm-driven platform, with three tabs: Music, Discovery and Me, each presenting music streamers with a simple-to-use, vertically swipeable interface of music tailored to the user’s taste. While we don’t have access to the catalogue in-house, presumably Soda Music uses the same catalogue of licensed music as both TikTok and Resso. In which case, you can upload your own music here for free.

Subscribers will find three tiers, ranging from 8 yuan per month, 44 yuan per six months and 88 yuan per year.

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