Spotify Hits One Billion Android Installations

Spotify has passed one billion downloads on Android, doubling in two years.

Spotify opens their personalised ‘On Repeat’ playlist to sponsors

‘On Repeat’ becomes the second personalised playlist from Spotify to open up to advertising sponsorships, after ‘Discover Weekly’ in 2019.

Apple Music will never have a free tier according to their head of music publishing

The head of music publishing at Apple Music says the subscription-only music streaming service will never have an ad-supported model.

Spotify are testing a safety feature that slows songs when driving through school zones

In partnership with the ARSF, Spotify are inserting dramatically slowed down songs when drivers enter school zones in Queensland, Australia.

How to create playlists on Spotify

Playlists are a great way to create a collection of your favourite songs and podcasts on Spotify. It’s quick and easy to create a playlist on Spotify Free or Premium. Mobile – iOS and Android…

How to apply for Spotify Marquee to amplify your new music

Spotify have opened up their Marquee marketing tool, allowing any artists and label to apply to promote their new releases. Spotify’s latest controversial ‘pay-for-plays’ program lets artist and labels effectively buy listeners, advertising new albums…

Spotify’s new ‘Tips and Tricks’ initiative hopes to show you features you may not have known about

Spotify’s Twitter page @SpotifyCares is dedicated to showing you tips, tricks and how-tos, as well as engaging with users to solves issues. Whether it’s customizing your Spotify profile, creating playlists of both music and podcasts, redeeming…

Spotify Free listeners can stream on Sonos, Alexa, and Bose now

Spotify are breaking out of their smart speaker restrictions so that free listeners can stream music on their favourite speakers just like Premium users. I know many people who’ve gone through this tragedy: You return…