List: 32 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

The Future of Music Coalition (FMC) has put together a great list of 32 ways musicians can make money.

Music Executives Dont Understand The Point of Spotify!

Yesterday Digital Music News published an article about the state of Spotify royalty payments. It seems as though executives and even Digital Music News don’t understand why Spotify is a great service for artists.

Men at Work Have to Pay 5% Royalties for Plagiarism

Men At Work have been ordered to pay 5% of their royalties from their iconic ’80s hit “Down Under” following an earlier ruling they had plagiarized another song. While the compensation figure should reach into…

Pink Floyd Suing EMI Over Digital Royalties

It has been reported that Pink Floyd is currently in a contractual dispute with EMI. Members of Floyd are disputing a number of analog-to-digital extensions. “It was unclear whether record companies would be selling direct…