UK Streaming Soars In Wake of Covid Pandemic

Streaming Consumption Grew Again In 2020 With Lockdowns And Tour Cancellations Fuelling The Increase.

Vinyl Sales Has It’s Best Week In History

A Record 1.842 Million Units Were Sold In The US Alone In The Run Up To Christmas.

Why Music Legends Are Selling Their Publishing Rights

As Streaming Services Dominate A Gold Rush Has Erupted For Publishing Rights, Especially Among Stars From The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.

UK Vinyl Sales Heading For Best Year In Three Decades

UK vinyl sales hit a three-decade high as sales are fuelled by lockdown restrictions.

Physical music in the UK see sales half during coronavirus lockdown

While online music and video streaming platforms boom in popularity during quarantine, closure of physical record stores has lead to a steep decline in physical music sales. Recent reports suggest sales of physical music have…

IFPI – New Research On Music Buying Habits

Another new survey conducted in the EU argues that music sharers buy less music over the course of a year than those who are classified as online or physical only buyers. Oddly iPod owners aren’t…