Vocalizr – Connecting Producers With Vocalists Worldwide

As a producer it can often be difficult once you’ve created a track to find the right vocalist to really complete it, likewise it can often be tough for solo vocalists to find themselves music…

Glastonbury Line-Ups Based On Spotify

Glastonbury, the largest greenfield festival in the world, is upon us once again and Spotify has taken the line-up and re-arranged it based on the amount of listens each artist has gotten on the music…

Blink 182 Actually Releasing Another Album and Now Have UK Tour Dates Booked

Blink 182 arent just reforming after five years, but they are also putting out a new record and going on a UK tour. The UK is planned for July 2011 and already has five dates booked.

Titus Andronicus Will Be Playing Shows in the UK in November

Titus Andronicus have just announced that they will be touring the UK later this year. November: 17 – The Albert, Brighton 18 – Haymakers, Cambridge 19 – Cooler, Bristol 20 – Bodega, Nottingham 21 –…

Phish Announce a New US Tour – Fans Get Free Recordings if You Buy a Ticket

American band Phish has just concluded their huge summer tour of the US and they have just announced their new US tour. The tour will start with Austin City Limits Festival on October 8th then hop on over to Colorado and then skip back over to the east side of the States to end in New Jersey on October 31st.

SongKick Partner with YouTube to Offer Concert Suggestions

Songkick has just partnered with YouTube to offer concert suggestions to users. Songkick is a live music recommendation and discovery service which helps users find out when certain bands are playing in their area.

Goo Goo Dolls Return for UK Tour and Nineth Album – Something for the Rest of Us

The Goo Goo Dolls are back for even more touring. Goo Goo Dolls are famous for their Iris track back in the nineties, but they havent really done too much since. Now they are returning for their ninth studio album ‘Something for the Rest of Us’ on August 31st.

Lily Allen To Perform Her Last Gig at the Big Chill Festival on Friday

Lily Allen is scheduled to make her final live appearance at the Big Chill Festival on August 5—and it’s a pretty good way to go out when you consider she’ll be performing alongside Thom Yorke, Massive Attack and MIA.

Flyer App: Find Out Where Your Favourite Bands are Playing Gigs

Flyer is a new free concert discovery application that allows users to search their iTunes library and provide an up-to-date listing of shows for those artists based on the geographical area you define.

Gorillaz Announce Dates for Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour

With Plastic Beach being such a hit for the Gorillaz, they have now announced the dates for their upcoming world tour. Starting on October 3rd, Gorillaz will be headlining a slew of cities and playing the new jams (and hopefully some classics) in a the tour they have dubbed as the “Escape To Plastic Beach” World Tour.