Digital Music News on Reddit

I came across a new reddit community that just launched that was worth telling everyone about. The Sub-Reddit is called DigitalMusicNews. It basically does what it says on the tin. Subscribe here –

Music Executives Dont Understand The Point of Spotify!

Yesterday Digital Music News published an article about the state of Spotify royalty payments. It seems as though executives and even Digital Music News don’t understand why Spotify is a great service for artists.

Major Labels are Abandoning Traditional A&R

My take is that the traditional A&R process as we knew it is dying for a few reasons:

Apple Pull Grooveshark iPhone App

Grooveshark yesterday stated on their blog; “Earlier this afternoon, Apple sent us a letter notifying us that, due to a complaint they received from Universal Music Group UK, Grooveshark for iPhone has been, strangely, pulled from the App Store”.

BT Digital Music Awards 2010

The nominees are now up for the BT Digital Music Awards 2010. You can go onto the website and register to vote via your Facebook account. There are some pretty interesting nominations in the more niche categories such as best place to hear music or best place to discover music, but some entirely bland and predictable *cough, Muse, cough* nominations up for best artist and the more common awards.

Stopping Scalping

Digital Music News are carrying this story about online ticket scalping – a case in which an LA based company calling themselves ‘Wiseguy Tickets’ employed a ring of Bulgarian computer programmers to buy up all…

HP Launches Proprietory Music Service

Hewlett Packard, one of the biggest desktop manufacturers, has announced its plans to operate a music download and streaming supscription service called MusicStation, operated in conjunction with a company called Omnifone and installed by default…

The Death of Illegal Downloading

An interesting article here, because we’ve been saying this for a while: the Guardian basically patting Spotify on the back for having an instrumental part in the decline of illegal filesharing. A great reason to… To Launch With The Help of CBS Very Soon!

Earlier this month, launched its own HD radio stations in four different cities. Now, the CBS-owned company‚Äôs plan to expand beyond online music programming includes video too. According to Music Week, the company will…

Rhapsody iPhone Application Downloaded 500,000

Rhapsody has had a hard time lately as they aren’t really growing their site as much as they would like. However, Rhapsody has just announced that their new iPhone application has been downloaded over 500,000…