Streaming boosts British music exports to highest figure on record

BPI calls on UK government to seize the opportunity of growing exports from music streaming, as British music export revenues grew to £520 million in 2020.

Rap Music’s Popularity In The UK Has Soared Since 2000, according to BPI

Rap, hip-hop & grime has seen a massive boost in popularity in the past few decades and become a mainstream genre in the UK.

Study shows listening to music helped the UK through lockdown

Research from the BPI reveals music lifted the moods of 94% of people in a year of restrictions and lockdowns.

British Music Exports Expected To Hit £1bn by 2030

British music exports could double to £1bn by 2030 if the UK exploits new and emerging markets after Brexit, according to a report by the BPI.

BPI argue streaming already works better, label cuts are diminishing artist profits

During an ongoing inquiry by the UK government into the economics of the still-fairly-fresh music streaming model, the BPI have claimed that streaming may already be an improvement on physical and warn against too radical an upheaval.

Music streaming broke 100 billion streams in the UK in 2019!

Music streaming is a booming industry and it’s only getting bigger every single year with 3000% more streams last year than in 2012. Figures released by music industry body BPI show that for the first…

UK music at it’s highest point since 2006

The surge in music streaming popularity has overtaken a 10+ year dip in music sales and reinvigorated the UK music industry to it’s highest point in 14 years. British music started declining in after 2006…

UK Music is the biggest and best it’s been this millennium right now

A new report reveals that UK Music is being listened to more than ever before, and is still growing like mad. A new report from the record labels’ association BPI show that UK Music is…

BPI reveals that Brits love streaming music, streaming over 1bn songs a week

2016 was undoubtedly music streaming’s biggest year ever and now that the year is over we can start looking at just how massive it was, starting with how much the British love it. Music sales…