A slew of high profile percussionists are playing together to promote the peace effort in Sudan. Drummers including Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Snow Patrol’s Johnny Quinn and Egyptian musician Yehia Khalil Radiohead’s Phil Selway, and The Police’s Stewart Copeland have contributed to a video based campaign to raise awareness of the deteriorating political situation in North Africa, that hasn’t reached equilibrium after the bloody mess of the Darfur conflict in 2003.

On 9 January 2010, Sudanese communities and activists around the world are joining together to call on international leaders to take urgent diplomatic action to prevent an escalation of conflict in Sudan that could lead to massive human rights violations

9 January 2010 also marks the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which signaled the end of the civil war. Millions were killed. Millions were displaced. Millions suffered dire human rights abuses. And one year on from 9 January 2010 – in 365 days – a referendum is due to be held to determine the future of Sudan.

You can add your weight to the campaign by uploading a video and a beat here: http://www.sudan365.org/en-youtube.1.html