Spotify’s Time Capsule takes you back to the tunes you used to love

Spotify are taking you back in time with their Time Capsule playlists, a personalised trip through the history of your music taste.

There’s nothing like a nostalgic trip through your old CDs and records to ignite the old flames of passion you had for music long forgotten. In a world of music streaming it’s much easier to forget the old gems that you used to listen to every day, so Spotify have a Time Capsule.

The newly refreshed playlist uses your music tastes to personalise a trip through musical time. The playlist is curated based on where you live, the music that you enjoy, and your age to pick out the tracks they’re sure are old favourites from when you were younger.

Spotify will regularly refresh your Time Capsule playlist so that you have a fresh selection of old favourites available all the time. Spotify found that this year in particular listeners are looking for music from the past – I can’t think why they would want to escape the present!

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