These headphones on the surface seem like a fairly standard pair of wireless headphones, but they are far from that.
With a 1080p rotating camera, these ‘different’ headphones will certainly standout from the crowd.
A camera built-in to the headphones, go on…? 5 microphones will give the viewer a full vision of the wearer’s environment. These headphones give you the ability to live stream the footage being captured, via the app for iOS and Android.

Think Google Glass. This technology allows you to capture life from your perspective, say you DJing in a club, you or you friends can relive this experience over and over.

Footage will be stored in you mobile’s camera roll, which allows you to edited the videos to your heart’s content before sharing with the world.

Video/audio capture, noise cancellation and wireless bluetooth sounds like a battery hogging device. With an 800mAh battery, this gives you a reasonable 4 hours with all features on, or an impressive 18 hour with the camera switched off.

How useful these will turn out to be isn’t possible to tell yet, but we’re excited to see the creative ways this new tech gets handled.

These are yet to hit the market, but you can pre-order a pair today for US$349 (around £200), or wait till available, when they will retail for $499 (£290).