Image Credit: German Patent and Trademark Office

The acquisition of T2 Software, an old patent and a new LinkedIn post shows Sonos will likely soon launch their first pair of headphones.

Sonos have long been known for their wireless home smart speaker systems. Last year saw Sonos launch their first truly portable speaker. Since this move into portable audio and the explosion of true wireless earbuds we’ve seen over the last few years, we’ve been waiting to see what Sonos can produce in the headphone department. A patent referencing “wireless headphones” was granted to Sonos back in August 2020. These rumours have been amplified in recent days, following the VP of Global Marketing & Communications at Sonos, Peter Pedersen posting to LinkedIn looking for a marketing firm with experience of “creating a new category for an established brand”.

Protocol report that Sonos acquired T2 Software in November 2021, a startup that develop and license software for Bluetooth audio solutions. T2’s implementations of new the Bluetooth LD Audio standard and LC3 codec, delivers better audio quality at lower bitrates for improved battery life. A spokesperson said to Protocol “Occasionally, we will acquire teams, talent, and/or technology that augment our existing and future product roadmap.” Often headphones manufacturers have to make the tradeoff between large batteries for good battery life, while keeping the headphones light for comfort during extended listening sessions. Bluetooth LC3 codec’s power-efficiency, with high audio quality, could be the solution here. For an interactive comparison between LC3 and SBC codecs at various bitrates, provided by T2, click here.

These upcoming headphones will reportedly compete with high-end offerings from the likes of Sony and Bose. It will be interesting to see how the headphones integrate with Sonos’ existing hardware and software.