Sonos end ‘Recycle Mode’ for old devices that are being replaced

As they phase out support for their older devices Sonos have abandoned their plans for legacy devices.

Sonos announced near the start of the year that they would be fully phasing out their older products by ending software updates for them. Their scheme let legacy device owners upgrade to Sonos’s newer offerings but their old devices had to be put into a ‘Recycle Mode’.

Sonos are still offering upgrades to owners but they’ve scrapped the ‘Recycle Mode’ which made older devices defunct. This comes after customers complained about their Trade Up program.

Owners will be able to get 30% off of any Sonos product available for retail from their old device. They will now be able to keep their old device as well to do what they wish with it, including keep them and continue using them.

Whilst they have assured customers that they won’t be updating legacy devices with new features or upgrades they will continue to provide security patches and bug fixes.

Sonos Zone Players, The Connect and Connect:Amp, 1st generation Play:5s, CR200 controllers, and the Bridge can be traded in for 30% credit on a newer Sonos speaker or device. Find out more here.

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