Savant has been non-stop working for the past few months. Releasing two albums last year, he’s started 2015 strong releasing 13 tracks from his new album ‘Invasion’. We should see another 3 come out in time, but for now you can go ahead and listen to or download for free what he’s posted up on SoundCloud so far.

“Invasion is similar to other albums I’ve done straight after a big concept album. Like Overkill, which I released for free last year. Invasion is a freedom album with the emphasis on fun. It’s about the tracks, not the journey. I wanted to get back to that Vario vibe; fun and silly and computer gamey. It’s a bit more commercial sounding than other stuff, but it’s my take on commercial sounding music. I’ve had a lot of fun making it, and when I play any of the tracks live people go awesome!”
-Aleksander Vinter (Savant)