Transfer is yet another free tool from RouteNote, designed to help independent musicians and labels send uncompressed files online easily.

Continuing our goal of providing independent artists with the tools they need to succeed online, RouteNote Transfer is a new product that aims to simplify sending any digital files to anyone online. Transfer is great for sending audio tracks to collaborators, or demos to labels. It’s completely free for all to use and you don’t even need an account!

Send multiple files or an entire folder, up to 2GB, as a link or email. Recipients will be able to view files and even preview audio tracks before downloading. All files uploaded are uncompressed and are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

How to use RouteNote Transfer

  1. Head to, drag and drop files, or click select a folder to upload an entire folder
  2. Give it a Title and an optional Message, then click Get a link to upload
  3. (Optional) To send your files as an email, click the cog icon in the bottom left corner, then “Send email transfer” and fill out the info above
  4. Click Copy link to copy it to your clipboard, then simply paste it wherever you like, such as a DM to a friend

Head to to start sending files across the internet for free!