Welcome to RouteNote 2.0. RouteNote is announcing some major changes and upgrades to our service. We have been working very hard for the past six months to upgrade our infrastructure and service. Today, everyone will be able to see the fruits of our labour. This is just the start!

New Stores

As of today we will be offering new stores within both our Free and Premium services. New stores included are:

  • Google Play – Estimated over 800 million activated Android devices by the end of 2013. All music will be available to download worldwide in the Google Play store, while also being available via Google Play All Access Music streaming service.
  • Xbox Music – Xbox Music is available on all Windows 8 desktop PCs, Windows Phones and on your Xbox.
  • Rdio – Rdio is an ad-free music subscription service. Created by the founders of Skype and linked with video subscription service Vdio.
  • Deezer – Deezer is the second largest music subscription service in the world by subscribers (over 4 million subscribers). Deezer is very strong in France and other French speaking countries. Additionally, Deezer is available in 182 countries.

All of these stores are worldwide and all releases will be automatically sent to these new stores. If your a RouteNote artist and would like to opt-out then just drop us an email or a ticket within the system.

Referral Network

RouteNote is offering an amazing new Referral system for all our artists and account holders. To access .. all you need to do is login to your RouteNote account and head to the Referral page.

It’s very simple, all you need to do is provide your friends/peers/website traffic either your referral link or your referral code. When they sign-up using your referral information you automatically qualify for 2% of their earnings from all releases under our Free Model.

But don’t worry! This does not affect their earnings at all, the 2% you earn comes directly from our 15% cut. Everyone’s a winner!

This amazing new referral network is great for artists who have the possibility of running their own A&R company, websites owners looking for new revenues streams, or recording studios just looking to get their new creations online.

Ticketing System

We have been listening to our artists and have developed our own ticketing system in-house. The new ticketing system is very easy to use and allows anyone to quickly launch a support query with the RouteNote support team.

Upload Tool

Our upload tool for artists has had a major overhaul. Here is our video tutorial to guide you through the new Upload Tool process:

All of these changes are just the start. RouteNote has some very bold plans for the future, so expect a lot more to come in the next few months!