Billboard have a new competitor in tallying up the most popular music as Rolling Stone launch their all new music charts.

As one of the most famed music publications around the world, Rolling Stone are in a good position to make a mark with their 5 all-new music charts. The magazine’s charts have been in the works for a while and now, 2 months later than expected, they’re live and ready to watch.

There’s no shortage of music charts out there, the most popular being the iconic Billboard charts. Rolling Stone are hoping that they can set themselves apart from any competitors by embracing how much music streaming has changed the industry.

Rolling Stone boast that their charts will be different, offering “an interactive set of music charts that update on a daily basis and offer an impartial, in-depth and in-the-moment view of the biggest songs, albums and artists in music.”

The publication are putting an emphasis on the imoprtance of real-time metrics in our new digital age where everything moves quickly. Criticising the weekly schedules of others, Rolling Stone proclaim: “We offer deeper, more granular insights into music than what’s ever been available to the public – and focus on the metrics most reflective of current listening habits as well.”

Rolling Stone have now launched their 5 charts. Find out the nitty gritty of the music they’ll be tracking for you in all 5 of their new charts:


The Rolling Stone 100 keeps track of the most popular songs in the United States each week, counting track streams across the major music-streaming providers as well as digital and physical purchases. It does not count passive listening, such as plays on terrestrial or digital radio. This chart is updated daily and finalized each week with an official version of the seven-day period ending on the previous Thursday.


The Rolling Stone 200 logs the most popular albums today. The chart ranks consumption using physical and digital album sales, song sales and audio streams. This chart is updated daily and finalized on Monday each week with a default display of the final tally from the prior week.


The Rolling Stone Artists 500 offers a look at the most in-demand artists of the week by audio streams — a metric representative of the most popular way the American audience listens to music these days. This artist chart does not include passive listening in its measurement. The chart is updated daily and finalized each week with an official snapshot of the prior week.


The Rolling Stone Trending 25 ranks new songs that are seeing the greatest gains in popularity each week, measured by percentage growth in audio streams. Rather than tallying the most popular songs by total consumption, the Trending chart offers a truly in-the-moment view of music by highlighting tracks picking up the most momentum, week over week. This chart only includes songs released in recent years and excludes tracks already high on the Songs chart. Data populates on a daily basis, and the chart is finalized with an official snapshot once a week.


The Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25 highlights rising artists who are appearing on the charts for the very first time, offering a preview of the biggest stars of tomorrow. It measures audience demand by audio streams — the most reflective metric of today’s music landscape — and does not include passive listening. Only artists who have not appeared in the Artist 500 chart before are eligible. This chart, which is similar to the Trending 25 but measures fast-rising artists rather than songs, updates with new data on a daily basis; official versions of the chart are finalized at the end of each month.