Whilst there are many music streaming services, few of them are dedicated solely to a single genre. That may just lead to Rockifi’s niche success.

Rockifi is a Scottish startup music service that makes the bold choice of focussing on one group of music fans. In their case it is, unsurprisingly given their name, a rock and metal dedicated music streaming service.

It’s been available for a few years and was described as “Tinder for rock fans” in 2018. That description came because it was created to embrace a community and allow you to meet and chat with other fans of artists.

The app are now looking for £350k in funding to expand and relaunch their service to make it even better for rock lovers. They relaunched the service this week with plans to stream live events from rock artists, purchase band merch and donate some of their funds to support artists during this tough time for music.

They’ve planned a live-streamed performance from metal band Ingested on their service which will take place on Halloween. They hope their platform will create a home for like-minded music fans to share their love of music, listen to the artists they love, and discover new ones.