As digital sound quality progresses towards high res audio playback, with lossless compression and an increase in demand towards near vinyl sound, this calls for some serious headphones to be engineered.

Traditionally bluetooth headphones have been a significant cut bellow the rest. Philips believe they have created the best sounding bluetooth headphones for a relatively reasonable price.
Philips Fidelio M1BT
Philips Fidelio M1BT – great sounding, great looking, great build quality, comfy, easy to use, what’s not to love?
The dark blue-grey colour, leather headband, soft faux-leather/memory foam on the ear pads, and textured plastic, complements the overall quality perfectly and makes them feel great on the ears after prolonged use.

A single button allows on, off, pairing, play, pause, volume, skip, previous track, fast forward, and rewind control all in one. With two microphones, you can answer calls at ease too.

Both ear cups hold a 40mm driver, angled directly down your ear canal for optimum sound quality.

Wireless bluetooth is notorious for dropping sound quality over similar cable headphones. With advances in bluetooth technology, these support aptX Bluetooth. Check your devices tech specs, your phone or laptop may support this as companies start to adopt the technology.

Battery life claims 10 hours of playback, which should be enough for audio hogging lovers to last the day, but if worse comes to worst, Philips equip you with a 1.2m cable.

At £250, this is a fairly pricey pair of headphones, but for this quality of wireless, this is really very reasonable. The only real negative to these is the absence of noise cancellation, but this still places these headphones near the top of any one’s list of headphones in general (regardless of wires).