OM/ONE Levitating Speaker

ONE Speaker

A floating speaker you say… why not?

This portable speaker is totally different to every other speaker. What makes it unique? With the help of magnets, this speaker can levitate in mid air. Although this has no practical use, it does look awesome and will surely astonish any friends.

The speaker is totally independent of the base stand, making it fully portable, which is great considering its 15 hour battery life, which will easily get you through a day at the beach.

With a 75mm driver, it sounds great (according to its developers). Pair in another speaker for full stereo sound, using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, available in most smartphones, tablets and laptops. Not only does this speaker sound great, but the base station looks great too, with its brushed aluminium finish and blue LED shining on the floating ball.

With a built-in microphone, when hooked up to your smartphone, make conference calls at ease by speaking into this ball.

Currently still under development, the ONE speaker is available for pre-order on its crowd funded site online. It’s already reached it goal of $100,000, and should be ready for Christmas, for the reasonable price of US$179 (£107).

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