British music magazine NME circulation falls bellow 15k as of June 2014, at 14,312, compared to 20,011 at the same point in 2013.

“NME’s overall brand reach is now 3.6m, bigger than it has ever been, and this puts the print ABC story into its proper context,” said NME publishing director Jo Smalley. “Amazing content partnerships with the likes of Amex and Nikon have been renewed for the third and fifth year in a row respectively, whilst major new partnerships with the likes of O2 have been secured during this period.

“Events revenues, including the NME Awards, were up 66% YoY. Traffic on the NME mobile website during this ABC period has increased by a whopping 85% yoy, and nearly 40% of our total online audience now consume the brand via mobile. We are also continuing to explore how NME can further expand its international footprint. This builds upon the launch of in India and Club NME in Brazil. These are just a few of many examples revealing how the NME business model is changing to pursue new opportunities and grow new revenues.”