In recent news Nintendo have released a new YouTube affiliate program. After signing up with Nintendo, this allows YouTubers big or small to use Nintendo gameplay footage in videos, monetize the video, then (after YouTube take their cut) 60% of the advertising revenue will be sent the YouTuber (70% for registered channels), while Nintendo receive 40%.

While this opens up a previously closed gate, where Nintendo would take 100% of the revenue, it’s still somewhat limited. Nintendo should be (like every other publisher is currently) happy with the essentially free advertising YouTubers are giving them. YouTube is a huge foot hole for game publishers, be it indie or mainstream game, to get their games into the larger audience.
Gaming on YouTube is one of the top categories in the world right now, being a hugely competitive market, with creators constantly needing to get their videos out as quickly as possible. This is where Nintendo have let the community down again, with the need to review the video, before publishing it which can “regularly take up to three business days”.
It’s yet to be seen how Nintendo will respond to negative reviews being posted, with the authority to dismiss any content uploaded. Censorship to this will likely cause an uproar from the community.

As stated before, this is certainly a step in the right direction from what was there before, but seriously… Nintendo need to follow what every other video game company has opted for in allowing YouTubers to post gameplay, no cut taken and no questions asked.

Check out the full details from Nintendo themselves, here.

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